D. Dean Renwick founded Canada’s largest vehicle appraisal company; Antique & Classic Auto Appraisal Service in 1980, and has an over forty-year involvement with collectible automobiles of all types. The company celebrated its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary in 2005, with Mr. Renwick continuing and its Founder and President. The company has successfully appraised in excess of twenty-five thousand vehicles for a diverse group of clients from private individuals, insurance companies, banks and lending institutions, to federal and provincial government agencies. Mr. Renwick’s expertise has also been relied upon by the Canadian Cultural Heritage Export Review Board to determine fair and accurate Federal charitable donation grants.
Mr. Renwick has appeared within the jurisdictions of Toronto, Milton, and Guelph, Ontario, as well as within the Province of Quebec, and is duly recognized by the courts in these jurisdictions as a qualified “Expert Witness” with particular expertise in the areas of vehicle condition and valuation. During 1982 – 1984 Mr. Renwick was invited by Toronto’s Humber College to prepare and present an adult evening course entitled “Collecting, Investing, and Restoring Antique Vehicles”. These courses provided a hands-on learning opportunity for approximately thirty students each year to share Mr. Renwick’s experience and expertise.
Mr. Renwick is the only vehicle evaluator who, during 1985 through 1994, enjoyed full membership in the Arbitration & Mediation Institute of Ontario.
In 1993 the Board of Directors of the Ontario Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (OMVAP) appointed Mr. Renwick as an Arbitrator in its alternative dispute resolution (ADR) consumer protection program. In 1994 the OMVAP program was expanded into all provinces and Territories. The new and enhanced program was renamed the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP) and Mr. Renwick was invited to remain as an Arbitral Judge, hearing and resolving disputes between consumers and motor vehicle manufacturers operating in Canada.
Late in 1996 Mr. Renwick’s serious concerns for the lack of regulation, education, and integrity within the Canadian special interest vehicle evaluation industry convinced him it was time to take affirmative action for the benefit of appraisal consumers. Renwick was joined by a group of similarly concerned professional, vehicle evaluators in 1996 and commenced founding the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators (P.A.V.E.).
This organization serves consumers as the sole, Canada-wide, special interest vehicle evaluation industry’s self-regulating organization (SRO). It is the mandate of P.A.V.E. to act as the regulatory, licencing, and insurance-providing organization for the Canadian vehicle evaluation industry, offering its appraisal consumers and appraiser members a broad and meaningful measure of protection through P.A.V.E.’s unique Professional Errors & Omissions insurance program, as well as ensuring acceptable levels of competence and integrity are developed and maintained by all licenced P.A.V.E. members. All P.A.V.E. members agree to conduct themselves strictly in accordance with the organization’s written Code of Ethics.
Mr. Renwick is experienced in the preparation of After-Loss, and Forensic evaluation reports focusing on quantum and/or vehicle condition at a specific point in time, as well as being available for consultation with private and corporate clients, and their attorneys, to assist in the planning of an effective strategy for a successful legal action.
Antique & Classic Appraisal Service is prepared to act on a client’s behalf anywhere in North America.