The company was founded in 1980 by Dean Renwick and remains the largest special interest vehicle appraisal company in Canada.  

Appraisals are required for a number of reasons such as being necessary to obtain Agreed Value coverage under specialty insurance programs, to preparation of After Loss reports where there is a dispute between an insured and their insurance company regarding the total loss value of a damaged vehicle that is declared a write-off, to the determination of Diminished Value (economic damage) that results when a vehicle is damage repaired and returned to the owner without consideration of the uncontested fact that a vehicle with damage always has less desirability and value than a similar vehicle with no damage.  It is unfortunate for auto insurance consumers that the Ontario insurance scheme is mandated on a No-Fault basis making a claim for economic damage very challenging to succeed.

The thousands of vehicle appraisals completed by Antique & Classic Auto Appraisal Service over more than four decades have been successfully relied upon by a diverse group of clients ranging from private individual collectors, insurance companies, financial institutions, courts, and federal and provincial government agencies including the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB).

For the protection of consumers, members of the Antique & Classic Auto Appraisal Service  team are licenced and insured through the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators Inc. (P.A.V.E.)   It is the mandate of P.A.V.E. to act as the Self-Regulating Organization (SRO) for the Canadian vehicle evaluation industry ensuring appraisal consumers and member appraisers have a meaningful measure of protection through its unique Professional Errors & Omissions insurance program, as well as ensuring acceptable levels of competence and integrity are developed and maintained by its members. 

For convenience, appraisals can be arranged at a client’s location and may be arranged by contacting a member of the Antique & Classic Auto Appraisal Service team listed in the CONTACT section of this website.